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Welcome to our About page, a page all about us! Well, what can you say about our site? It seems simple enough, for anyone looking to buy buttons right? It should be, we hope it is as the whole point of this website is to make button buying simple and easy.

And that sums us up just about perfectly, we are all about selling buttons. Here at Buy Buttons we are big fans of buttons, and create them using the best UK made epoxy resin, ensuring a button that will last and weather all kinds of environments. Can't find a button you need or require? Then do get in touch, we can usually cater for any button request.

All the buttons we create are done on site, and we test all buttons before sending them out to ensure they are of a good standard. All the buttons we send out are in perfect condition, hand made and will serve their purpose fully. Any issues with our buttons then please let us know, we will replace any button that goes out and does not suffice the job it's required to do.

So what are you waiting for? Order those buttons now!